Sponsor the AYSB and AWO

If you would like to sponsor the AYSB or AWO, please contact us at sponsorship@aysb.org and we can discuss sponsorship packages.

Packages are entirely customisable, and typically include the following, or a selection thereof:

  • Logo placement on promotional materials;

  • Logo placement on online materials including the AYSB Inc. website;

  • Mentions in social media postings;

  • Use of AYSB Inc. images for sponsor marketing;

  • Thanks and honourable mentions at performances;

  • Free tickets to concerts;

  • The satisfaction of supporting community music in Auckland City.

We want to demonstrate that your business makes a contribution to your community, as well as to help you to reach potential customers through band players and our audience.

Click here for a full schedule of sponsor benefits or view the PDF below, and do remember that these can easily be customised to suit what you are able to bring to AYSB and what AYSB can bring to you.

AYSB Inc. Sponsorship Schedule.pdf