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About the Auckland Wind Orchestra

The Auckland Wind Orchestra, founded in 1967, aims to be Central Auckland’s finest community wind ensemble.  The AWO regularly stages concerts in the Auckland region, performing a broad range of musical styles to a wide audience.  The band's players come from all walks of life, united by the desire to have fun while making great music.

The band always welcomes new musicians - if you are at grade 6+ and are keen to join, please email Bronwyn Patterson, the AWO's band manager at, or send us a message on Facebook.

Why should I join AWO?

I am:

Specifically, if you play one of these instruments we would love to have you on board:

There is no formal audition for the AWO.  Entry to the orchestra is by a very informal trial period of a few rehearsals after which new players will be welcome to join if both the player and orchestra feel they are a good match.  

Note: the final say on joining comes from the MD, Section Leader and/or Concert Master.

Meet the AWO

Andrew Uren | Music Director

Andrew Uren is the Music Director of the Auckland Wind Orchestra.  He is a keen performer of all styles and genres of music and dedicates himself tirelessly to promoting the bass clarinet and New Zealand music. He is a founding member of New Zealand’s contemporary ensemble 175 East, which has performed over 200 pieces, of which 50 were written for the group.

Andrew has released a CD on the Atoll record label called Steep Steps, of bass clarinet repertoire.  Currently Andrew teaches clarinet and saxophone in several Auckland schools, and plays in shows and other events, as well as directing a number of school bands.

Bronwyn | Flute

Eve | Baritone Sax

Mark | Clarinet / Sax